Lytic Solutions, LLC

1202 Ann St.

Madison, WI 53713, USA


Core Competencies

  • Protein reagents - Protein A and Protein G
    • Only commercial production that is 100%-free of all animal and plant extracts
    • Produced using glucose/salts minimal media
    • High quality and documented lot-to-lot reproducibility
    • Very competitive bulk-order pricing
  • Variant gene synthesis/protein expression and purification
    • Optimization of expression and protein yield
    • Custom expression in bacterial, yeast, and mammalian systems
    • Western blot analysis
    • Maldi-MS
  • Small scale protein production
    • Optimize expression conditions
    • Evaluate multiple variants for expression and activity
    • Expression conditions for seamless scale-up to large scale production
  • Large scale protein production:
    • 10L - 130L batch sizes
    • Up to "kilogram"-scale capacity
  • Bacterial expression with proprietary CleanGenome® strains
    • High expression with optimized conditions for each protein
    • Removed E coli genes that gluconate proteins (BL-21 gluconates)
    • Extremely tight and proprietary regulation of transcription, aids in expression of difficult (i.e. toxic) proteins
    • CleanGenome® strains contain *no* IS elements, transposons or prophage sequences
    • Extremely reduced protease & nuclease activity
  • Yeast expression
    • Pichia – variant human proteins used as controls in therapeutic clinical trials
    • Saccharomyces - alternative post-translational processing
  • Recombinant monoclonal antibody expression in mammalian cell lines including CHO and HEK293
  • Single Chain Antibodies (scFV)
    • Extensive work on multiple DARPA scFv projects.
    • Production of thousands of scFV variants
    • Development and optimization of binding specificities
  • Custom protein modifications (i.e. biotinylation, cross-linking, fluorophores, etc.)
    • Assay development
    • ELISA & MSD-ECL binding assays
    • Develop and optimize assays de novo
    • Convert existing assays between ELISA & MSD-ECL platforms
    • Assay optimization for sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility
    • FACS (Fluorescence-activated cell sorting) assays
    • Custom-labeled antibodies
      • Biotinylation
      • ECL tags
      • Fluorescent labels
    • Cell-based assays
  • Gene cloning and expression
    • Confirmation of vector integration
    • Real-time PCR



Lytic Solutions, LLC

1202 Ann St.

Madison, WI 53713, USA



Lytic in the News:

Schomburg featured at University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Fritz Schomburg, Ph.D.


Founder, Lead Scientist for Bacterial Protein Production, Fermentation, and Affinity Resin Production

Lytic Solutions LLC was established in 2009 for custom protein expression, specializing in proprietary E. coli strains engineered for consistent, high-level expression of proteins.  Fritz earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at UW-Madison.

David Rancour, Ph.D.


Lead Scientist for Plasmid DNA Production, Mammalian Cell Protein Production, and Assay Development

Dave joined Lytic solutions in 2016 bringing expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, glycobiology, and plant biology. Dave earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from UW-Madison.

Gary Baisa, Ph.D.


Lead Scientist for Yeast Protein Expression

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