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Contract Assay Development

Lytic Solutions develops quantitative assays for biologics, proteins, biosimilars, anti-drug antibodies (ADAs), and biomarkers. We have the expertise to design and produce a wide range proteins as well as create labeled antibodies to novel analytes.

Lytic Solutions provides full-service assay development for traditional colorimetric and fluorescent ELISAs and the Meso Scale Discovery ( ECL platform.  We will work with your group to source or develop all necessary reagents, and deliver an optimized and validated assay on your current analysis platform including all antibodies, buffers, and optimized assays protocols.

Our services include:

  • Conversion from standard ELISA to ECL
  • De novo assay development (see examples)
  • Custom reagents and antibodies
  • Custom Labeled antibodies (or other proteins)
    • Biotinylation
    • ECL tags
    • Fluorescent labels
  • Protein and antibody production
    • Custom protein design and expression
    • Single chain antibody development
  • Optimize and manufacture custom assay buffers

 If your current system for ELISA detection is not sensitive enough, we can adapt your assay to the Meso Scale (MSD) ECL System.

MSD’s system attributes include:

  • Higher sensitivity (single digit pg/mL range,or less)
  • Broad dynamic range, 5 logs ECL
  • Multiplexing capability, up to 11 analytes per well
  • Reduced sample volumes
  • Improved laboratory productivity
  • No radiation


MSD Instrumentation at Lytic: MESO QuickPlex SQ120

 In addition to developing assays, we can generate your data on our in-house instruments.

  Lytic Solutions welcomes challenging projects: we pride ourselves on innovation and ingenuity. We are not limited to standard immunoassays and will work with you to develop cell-based, drug uptake, and nucleic acid-based assays. Do you require accurate measurements of molecules/interactions that are not listed? Call us.

Assay Conversion

Lytic Solutions will convert your existing assays to an MSD format. Contact us for more details.

de novo Assay Development

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