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Expression Optimization

Lytic Solutions routinely optimizes soluble protein expression for our clients. Each project is evaluated individually to determine the most cost-effective path to achieve optimal results. Call or email us to discuss your project.

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  • Plasmid, Strain

    Lytic Solutions has developed a successful protein expression program. One element that we find is critical is careful design of the plasmid. We typically prefer to build the vector from scratch but we are open to using the client's vector on a case-by-case basis.

    In addition to plasmid design, we often analyze expression in different bacterial strains.

  • Condition Analysis

    In addition to our plasmid and strain optimizations, we also offer optimization of the following variables.

    • Inducer amount
    • Temperature
    • Medium
    • Length of induction

    All optimization projects include 1) project consultation 2) optimization in shake flasks 3) isolation of soluble and insoluble proteins 4)SDS-PAGE analysis of soluble and insoluble extracts.