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Plasmid DNA Production

Lytic Solutions LLC provide high-quality, cost-competitive custom plasmid DNA production services. Lytic Solutions leverages our extensive experience and ability for high-density fermentation with CleanGenome® E. coli strains as a production system for plasmid DNA. We have developed in-house procedures to provide clients a choice from several grades of plasmid DNA to meet your needs and budget. We have capacity to produce milligram to gram quantities of plasmid DNA. Lytic Solutions plasmid DNA is for research purposes only. Contact us to find out how Lytic Solutions can help you with your plasmid DNA needs.

Grades and specifications (descending quality/purity)

(1)  Injection-grade

Our injection-grade plasmid is produced using in-house developed procedures to meet FDA requirements* with respect to purity: >80% supercoiled plasmid (typically >90% supercoiled), A260/A280 ratio = 1.9-2.0, residual protein, genomic DNA, and RNA content all lower than 1%, and endotoxin content below 40 EU/mg plasmid.

Analytics included:

i.    Agarose gel electrophoresis with restriction enzyme digests

ii.   UV/Vis 260nm and 280nm measurements

iii.  Detection of residual RNA

iv.   Quantification of residual protein (BCA assay) and genomic DNA (qPCR assay) amounts

v.   Quantification of residual endotoxin content

vi.  Quantification of % supercoiled

(2)  Transfection-grade

Transfection-grade plasmid is high-quality preparation that is produced using a slightly abbreviated version of our injection-grade plasmid procedure. The procedure includes steps to remove the majority of residual genomic DNA, protein, and endotoxin from the preparation. This plasmid grade is highly suitable for transient-transfection of suspension cultured mammalian cells and is used for our in-house mammalian cell protein expression pipeline.

 Analytics included:

i.   Agarose gel electrophoresis with restriction enzyme digests

ii.  UV/Vis 260nm and 280nm measurements

(3)  Alkaline lysis-grade

Alkaline lysis plasmid DNA is our crudest and most economical preparation available. This grade is the product of alcohol precipitated pDNA from a conventional alkaline lysis plasmid DNA isolation procedure. Alkaline-lysis plasmid is suitable to use as a standard and for cloning purposes.

Analytics included:

i.   Agarose gel electrophoresis with restriction enzyme digests

ii.  UV/Vis 260nm and 280nm measurements


*Guidance for Industry: Considerations for Plasmid DNA Vaccines for Infectious Disease Indications, USDHHS, FDA, CBER (11/2007)

Ethidium bromide-stained agarose gel containing an example of injection-grade plasmid.

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